Sir Mohamed Yusuf Seamen Welfare Foundation
A/p Nhava, Taluka Panvel
Dist : Raigad, Pin: 410 206

    Education is the most powerful instrument of change. It has to be meaningful for meeting the challenges of the present and the future. In a globalised world, in addition to knowledge, attitudes, values and skills play an equally important role to determine success. Lady Khatun Marium School had a humble beginning in 1990, with a few students on roll bearing a vision of learning English education with undying enthusiasm. As the years progressed, the school gradually converted into a full-fledged Junior college boasting of its excellent facilities, faculties and ultimately results.

    From being a small school in helping underprivileged students dream, visualize and plan for their future, LKM has indeed been a single candle to light thousands, to eradicate the darkness of ignorance. The achievements of the school in curricular, co-curricular and sports reflect the success of its students in various fields. Amongst the many indelible achievements, the school today moves with a vision of providing its children with all possible facilities to help them be good and successful in their life.

    We believe in teaching a child to experience and appreciate the real wonders of the world, motivate him/her to become a good human being, grow wings of ambition and help him to its fulfillment.

    We believe that this journey of excellence will never be over. For us, this journey itself is the destination. I, myself, witness to the spiraling of LKM for last 22 years, am indeed very proud to say I have grown with the Institute. It gives me immense pleasure and self-satisfaction to observe the way students perform and succeed.

    All this has been possible due to the dedication, passion, commitment and the tireless effort put in by our honourable Chairperson as well as late Chairman Emirates in setting up a school to educate the students of rural background to turn their dream into a reality.

    I wish the school great success for all the years to come.